Friday, April 10, 2015

Review: Raven

Raven by Dzintra Sullivan

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I received a free copy of this book in exchange for a honest review. Dzintra has done it again, with crafting yet another successful book to the Halfway House series. Her characters are great, and so complex. Now she gives you the HEA ending, but it's a frustrating one. I will not say why I was frustrated, you'll know when you reach the end of the tale why it was a frustrating HEA! Overall, the first book was my favorite of the two, but the suspense factor was higher in Raven. I loved the dynamic between Samuel and Raven, so hot! But I hope that Sorin and Sara come into a story of their own; they were so intriguing, and I loved the animosity and bickering it made them so lovable!

Raven, a dark beauty, is a vampire with issues. She can't stand the sight of blood and for the life of her she doesn't know why. She has no memory prior to coming to the Halfway House as a small child. She is feeling so abandoned, the only anchor within her life is her male BFF Sorin, also a vampire, and her female Bestie Zara, a human with no knowledge of this other world of the paranormal. Raven, will have a hard time coming to adjustment of pending PSE's, will she pass or be sent to isolation on the Island? And who is this sexy voice that turns her blood within her dreams? Her pull to this mysterious man is baffling, but she knew this faceless man was her other half, but how to find him and not be banished to the Island?

Sorin Osmocheau, has many secrets, but they are all in the name of love and protection of his dear Raven, but his patience is stretched with the arrival of Bohdan's BBF from his homeland, Samuel Mane. Sam is just as sexy as Bohdan, but whereas Bohdan is Dark, Sam is light. A breath of fresh air! His heart is taken, by a tall slender dark haired vampire, but how to find her? He dreams of her every night, but hasn't a clue where to find his other half.... well, until he describes her to Bohdan and Arkadia. May the matchmaking begin!

Raven is incredibly independent and is really frustrated with her men: Sorin and Samuel. But either man will do anything to keep Raven safe, including risking themselves for her safety. Watch this incredible story of love and sacrifice, and how love survives all challenges and trails.

I can't wait for the next segment in the Halfway House series!

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