Book Review Request

The Piggy, AKA Aschlie, does participate in review blog tours, and will complete author's request of reviews. However, do be aware, in all fairness to the authors, readers and Aschlie’s home-life schedule, that books are completed within the order that they are received. If there is a rush needed or deemed necessary, it is important to let The Piggy know upfront.  Each book request is logged into a spreadsheet and tracked.  
If the book on request is requested by an author, please provide an ARC for review completion.  If there is not an ARC provided, it cannot be deemed necessary for any rush reviews, as this will then fall upon the budgeted purchase list.  The Preferred format needed would be the .MOBI file (Kindle file), if that is not available, any variety of .PDF will work as well.
The Piggy, will place her reviews upon the main sites: Goodreads and Amazon. If there is a book requested for review that is on another e-publishing website, it is important to make sure that The Piggy has the book links on that site(s).  If not yet uploaded to the site(s), please provide the date of publishing, so that the review can be copied to the other requested e-publishing site(s).
Most sites will have the Review Subscriber (person that reviewed the book, e.g. ‘the name as…’) logged under either: The Piggy has Flown Books or Aschlie Brake.  Sites that The Piggy is registered to post to are:

Goodreads     Amazon    Barnes & Noble    iBooks (iTunes site)   Kobo

Once all the reviews are published on the e-publishing website(s), The Piggy also post her views on the blog media site(s).  Those site(s) are:  The Piggy has Flown Books on (Blogger and Tumblr) Blog site(s); Facebook; Twitter; Tsu; Pinterest.
Please complete The Piggy’s Book Request Form.