Sunday, April 5, 2015

Review: Arkadia

Arkadia by Dzintra Sullivan

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. I am a big fan of all kinds of paranormal, and I just love Dzintra's stories! They are not the typical cookie cutter paranormal stories. Each character is unique, whether you like them is up to you. I have always been the fan for 'the not understood' or 'under-dogs', because there is always so much depth to those persons, that you have to root for them always.

In this story we meet Arkadia Castner, a witch, that has not mastered her gifts, but is at a turning point in her life. She must pass her PSE's, an exam that demonstrates that the paranormal individual can contain and handle their gifts, without given out knowledge to the general human population. No matter how hard she has tried she cannot get even the simplest of spells to work, most times they back fire, some are pretty darn funny. But she must learn from her mistakes, but without a good role model or teacher she is just floundering. But Arkadia, can't, or just won't, let people into her life because they just walk away in the end, so why get close? Her way of thinking could cost her, her freedom or her life, until Eloise Mayflower, comes into her life.

Eloise, is someone that everyone can love, being a telepathic she can get to the heart of most problems when it comes to the kids living in the Halfway House for paranormal misfits. Can Eloise help get Arkadia out of her shell? Will she understand Arkadia's apprehensions to the intimacies that could cost her her heart or life?

Then the dark and deadly, Bohdan Drak, rolls into town within his big sexy burly truck. This shifter, has such a pull on Arkadia that she is so confused on to why she is drawn to him. How has to cosmos and her goddess set her up with such a dark and deadly stranger, no matter how sexy he is. What how Bohdan reacts to Arkadia and his own desire for her. Can they be fated mates? Bohdan is a gifted hockey player and is trying to get into the NHL, but will be okay with a witch mate and all the drama she may bring? But he can't get past the "Mine, Mine, Mine!" complex and is deeply rooted to protect his destined mate.

There is plenty of drama, deceit, love and charisma within this story, that you will be begging for the next story!

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