Sunday, April 5, 2015

~~BLOG TOUR~~ Thrust by Victoria Ashley

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Thrust by Victoria Ashley
Release Date: April 6th

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He swallows and leans down to suck my bottom lip into his mouth. “You deserve to be happy,” he says against my lips. “If being with another man, whether it’s my brother or someone else, makes you happy, then that’s all I want. All I ask is that you stay honest with me. If you want to slap me and call me scum then go ahead.” He sucks my lip again before releasing it. “Do it.”     

 I moan as his erection pokes me through his towel. “No,” I breathe. “That’s not what I want. I just… I've never done this before and I can’t figure out how to feel right now.”      

He leans in and runs his nose up my neck. “Then what do you want? Forget about how you should feel.”      

I say the first thing that my heart feels. “You,” I whisper.      

He slides his hands under my thighs and picks me up. His lips brush mine as he whispers, “Were you just with my brother?”      

I nod my head, feeling ashamed. I shouldn't be doing this. I shouldn't want both of these men physically; especially brothers, but I do so damn much right now.      

“Then I can’t let you fall asleep thinking about him inside you.” He reaches down with one hand and allows his towel to fall to the floor. “I may have let my brother have his little fun, but there’s no way he’s going to pleasure you better than I can.”      

Slamming his lips to mine, he turns around and sets me on the kitchen island, never removing his lips from mine. I push up on my hands, lifting my butt off the counter. With control, he slowly undoes my jeans and slides them down my legs. “I want to fuck you all over this apartment, Calla.” He kisses me in a way that causes me to feel weak, before he pulls away and bites his bottom lip. “But first.” He yanks my panties down before pulling my shirt over my head and unsnapping my bra, removing it and dropping it on the floor. “I want to fuck you against my shower wall and wash my brother off of you.”      

I find myself falling into him and gripping his strong shoulders as he picks me up and starts walking down the hall. “Kyan…” I lean back as he kisses my neck. “I don’t know…” I breathe out heavily when I feel the head of his penis poke between my ass cheeks. “Isn't this wrong?”      

“Maybe,” he whispers against my neck. “But I want to pleasure you so fucking bad right now. I need to be inside you.”

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