Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Review: Yours Tonight

Yours Tonight
Yours Tonight by Joya Ryan

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Let me just say, WOW! Seriously, WOW! I received an advanced copy of Yours Tonight to give an honest review, but some times it is so hard and complicated to give reviews. Me as a reader, is always looking for an author to steal my breath, challenge my senses or thoughts, but when that author can successfully keep me on the edge of my seat, completed captivated! It's so refreshing when the story gets you wholly involved with your senses. Joya Ryan, out did herself on this story, it's breath taking beautiful. I was so bummed and elated at the same time when the book ended, I was starving to read where the story will continue in the life of Lana Case.

There is such a darkness to the story that you really do feel for Lana and her life experiences that have stifled her personally and crippled her home life in one evening. She turns into a person that keeps herself contained so that she is not her again, but what happens when she comes across a man that challenges her in every way?! Jack Powell, is deliciously dreamy, radiates power, and knows when he feels that he has to protect the innocent. And he sees that in Lana.

I was rooting for Jack and Lana to get over their own insecurities to be happy. Some times it gets annoying when I want to yell at my book because the character frustrate me, which is a mastery skill of an author if they got my attention. Oh, how my heart yearned, ached and broke with both their issues; they SO need each other to heal their own wounds. Can Jack move forward with Lana with keeping his control intact since she challenges him as much as he does her? Will Lana learn to trust more than her BFF with her insecurities, or will she allow these things to rule her life?

There was a quote from Jack that really stood out to me, early in the book: "Don't be mistaken. Just because you don't care or try to ignore what you are, doesn't mean it goes away. You have a layer of unease and innocence, but the light in you is bright. Every man in here knows you're ripe, ready to be fucked, and wanting to be."

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