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Review: Dylan: Fianna Fáil: Soldiers of Destiny

Dylan: Fianna Fáil: Soldiers of Destiny
Dylan: Fianna Fáil: Soldiers of Destiny by S. Kline

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Let me just say that I was such a big fan of Troy (the first book to the Fianna Fail: Soldier's of Destiny series) and of the author S. Kline; so for my personal pleasure, I was saving reading my advanced copy for when I was ready to be blown away. To my frustration, I kept started it to then be pulled away by daily life, but I righted that wrong and started last night. I could not put it down until I was done, even when wee hours came around. The loss of sleep was so worth it! I thought all day about what I wanted to write about Dylan Trent and Raven Vendell's story, and the intensity that was experienced while reading it: such passion, compassion and the unconditional love between all the characters, no just the two main characters, but then to get so grossly angry and situations that no person should go through, especially an adolescent. Being a mother, I wanted to reach in the book myself and right some horrid wrongs. This is an intense read, did I mention that?

The story comes down to this: you will be drawn into the story, swept away with their need, and enamored with these characters, because Kline has crafted an intensely thrilling, and well crafted story of the Irish Mafia: Fianna Fail. All the Danger, intrigue, failures and successes are vividly portrayed, and breath taking.

Dylan and Raven's story is so heart breaking and warming at the same time, but keep your hankie free because your heart strings will be yanked hard. Raven, a girl so broken that she does not view herself as worthy of Dylan's affection and that she is complete irreparably broken. Dylan, a broken boy himself from previous life experiences, learns to work through the pain, and to use it to be stronger. Coming upon this beautiful woman, is like walking into a wall for Dylan, could she be his ONE? This not normal for Dylan, the one night stand aficionado, this will shake him to his core. He needs to, no strike that, he craves to: love her, protect her, and to right the wrongs for her. Overall, he wants to keep her, but she is so stifled by her life experiences that she may not accept his eagerness to love her. Can Dylan work through his incessant need to protect her, but still keep his Fianna Fail a secret? Can Dylan compromise and give her what she needs? Will Raven be open to allowing someone else to help shoulder the heavy weight of life with her, to open up on her own secrets and torments? I sincerely beseech you, do not miss out on a great love story, and enjoy Dylan, my new favorite book boyfriend!

There were three quotes that burned into me, the need to share them, but I will give you two:
Dylan to Raven: "Not all angels are innocent. Some are just as broken as we are, but their faith is strong, and I may not know everything about you, yet, but I know you're strong."

Raven to her cousin Trisha: "...How can I let myself fall for him if I'm keeping something like that between us? Life is about letting go, trusting and realize that even you get screwed over, you learn from it. Life is about more than playing it safe. I don't want to find someone I can live with, I want to find someone I can't live without."

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