Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Review: Billionaire’s Pursuit

Billionaire’s Pursuit
Billionaire’s Pursuit by Sloan Storm

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I received an advanced review copy of this book for a honest review. Sloan Storm is a new author, and she is off to the right start! This book is an absolute awesome start to her publishing career. She will enamored you with her characters and enchant you her tales of love. Sloan's characters are very complex: you will love or hate them, root for them or yell at them (even though it's a book.)

Madeline Olsen, a natural blonde beauty is starting a new lucrative business of personal concierge service. To get her business started, her BFF's Katy refers to one of her clients to Maddie, a wealthy billionaire businessman Greyson Sinclair.

Greyson Sinclair is a shrewd businessman, but he is always willing to help out start up companies. When Grey arrives in LA for his company's business, he invests in the use of Maddie's services, but will also find Maddie herself is quite captivating.

Madeline will soon find Grey doesn't mince words, and means what he says, even if it comes off extremely rude. Grey and Maddie have an instantaneous attraction to each other that is extremely intense. Madeline will struggle to keep completely professional. Can Maddie and Grey keep their attractions capped? Their dynamic connection is so intense they will either fly high or burn themselves up!

And ultimately, Grey will leave Maddie with a heavy, very important question. What will be her response? And will they keep their hands to themselves?

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