Thursday, February 26, 2015

Review: Rogue Wolf

Rogue Wolf
Rogue Wolf by Heather Long

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Holy Moley! This is such a great book find. It is truly captivating in the way that Heather Long takes this world of werewolves, those that protect wolves of non-canine variety, and pulls you into the story; I just couldn't put it down. My favorite quote from the book: "Sometimes taking care of others is not giving then what you need, but letting them find it for themselves." - Margo

I really loved the character of Margo Montgomery the Enforcer, she's so strong, independent and a deep well of kindness/goodness, but she wouldn't allow anyone to see this side, sans a dreamy werewolf from Italy, Salvatore Esposito. Salvatore, Alpha of the Seven Hills Pack of Italy, is on mission to find where his sister has disappeared to. He tracks her to the US but must be submissive to the local alpha's to keep searching for her. Little does he know the Enforcer assigned to be his contact between packs will have a pull his wolf. Salvatore has the intense desire to protect her, but will she allow him too? Can Margo, the Enforcer, held by all US wolf laws, get past her independence and ties to allow Salvatore into her life and to give up he dominance? Will Salvatore, find and save his sister, Luciana, in time?

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