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Blog Tour: Healing Me Trusting Him by Screaming Mimi

Title:  Healing Me, Trusting Him
Author:  Screaming Mimi
Cover:  Stacy Pritt

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#TBR "I'm gonna show you how attracted I am to you" Healing Me, Trusting Him by @1screamingmimi

#TBR "He seamed to look through her, to her very soul." Healing Me, Trusting Him by @1screamingmimi

How do you recover from a childhood built on lies and betrayals?

How does a Marine heal from battle scars?

Marie is a wounded soul who grew up in a house of lies and betrayals by those who where supposed protect and love her.  Will she be able to find the healing she needs on a ranch in Montana?

Deuce has healed on the outside from his wounds, but now he needs to heal the scars on the inside.  Can he find the strength to win Marie's trust and heal them both? 



Healing Me, Trusting HimHealing Me, Trusting Him by Screaming Mimi
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I received this book in exchange for an honest review.

Well, this is the first book I have read from Screaming Mimi, I have to say I absolutely loved the topic and her characters! However, to be truly honest, I had a hard time reading it smoothly, because it needs some polishing with a copy editing! So Mimi call me if you need some help!!

I loved the story and idea of this book was absolutely superb, and the copy issues I was able to over look because of how much she drew me into her characters and their world! Some of the characters, could in essence use some rounding out with more in depth information on them, but I loved the dynamics between each character. I don't think that it was dived deep enough in the rough background of our heroine. I would love for it to show more of her meaty darkness from her past. There seemed a fracture between the two sides (her past and her present).

Within this story we meet Marie, a voluptuous beauty, and her hatred towards her mother Angela Murdock. Even at Angela's funeral it was still present in her mind, how can a mother be such a witch and so retched to her own flesh and blood? Marie has this horrid and dark past with her mother, especially her actions in regards to Marie, her daughter, and her husband, Marie's Step-father. There is a lot of pressure and displeasure between both parties. Until Marie sights a gentleman at the funeral that draws her in; what was with this gentleman that seemed familiar? Meeting her biological father, brakes her reality, and she finally sees the bigger picture. Can she get what she needs from her biological father, his love and sincerity? And make her daughters feel the rightness within this new person within their lives? And who is this hunk, with the dreamy eyes that draws her to himself?

Deuce, a farm hand for Alexander Mckinney, is a scarred war veteran and a sad puppy. Why? Because he is drawn to the boss' daughter!? What can he do!? Stay away from Marie? But he cannot, unless he stops breathing. Can Deuce overcome some of his developed insecurities, being an Iraq war veteran, he deals with his ghosts and daily scares. Can he love her thorough enough to keep Marie, or will she walk away from him as all those within his past?

Such a great story-line, and great characters. I think with a little tooling, this story can be mind blowing!

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