Monday, April 27, 2015



Jamaica American Thug Drama
By J.S. Lewis

Free to download from 27th April till 1st May 2015.


A young Jamaican (Jevaughn Wilson), risks everything after falling deeply in love with his neighbour, Dre, (Andre Malcolm), a straight, Jamaican- American thug, whom he ultimately turns bisexual. Dre was the nephew of a malevolent HOMOPHOBIC Jamaican Don, who would have Jevaughn burnt alive if he ever found out. . .

Without considering the dangers and with flaming passions and scorching desires; Dre and Jevaughn embarks on an endearing, passionate affair, that was bound to cause severe complications.

Masterfully plotted, erotic, spellbinding, hypnotic, irresistibly compelling; The Jamaican American Thug Drama Saga will possess you and remains forever etched in your soul . . .


J.S. Lewis
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