Saturday, July 25, 2015

Sale Boost: The Walsh Series by Kate Canterbary

#Sale #99cents #TheWalshSeries by @kcanterbary

Underneath It All: Amazon US - this one's already .99
I rolled my eyes. "My friends liked you, all right. They wanted to drag you out back and take turns on you. Do you always have that effect on married women?"
Matthew stopped in front of the marina outside his building and wrapped his arms around my shoulders, his face taking on a happy, serene quality that seemed unusual for him. "Marry me and find out."

The Space Between: Amazon US
"Hm." She paged through her notebook before glancing up. "Still on the timeline. Once electrical wraps this week, floors are scheduled for refinishing and a saltwater pool pump is going in, and I told you that taking advantage of me at two a.m. would turn into only three hours of sleep and a day full of surly."
"I wouldn't be surly if you let me take advantage of you against the wall in the printer room, or," I rolled away from my desk and gestured underneath, "you could take care of my mood down there."

Necessary Restorations: Amazon US
 Riley kicked me under the table. "Is this the same chick you drunk dialed last week?"
"Oh. Oh," Matt said, frowning at me. "So we're talking about a real girl? An appropriate, adult, professional woman?"
I ignored Riley and glared at Matt. I knew he was not referring to age. "She's a couple months older than me."
"She didn't look anything like his usual syphilitic crew," Patrick said to Matt and Riley.

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